Manifest The Life of Your Dreams With The Ultimate Sound for Wealth & Abundance

Here’s exactly what you’ll get access to, when you download OM KLEEM SHREEM BRZEE... +
  • The Ultimate Abundance Mantra OM KLEEM SHREEM BRZEE combined with scientific Brainwave Entrainment in the Miracle Frequency of 528 HZ.
  • It can manifest Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity.
  • It can enhance your AURA to attract anything which is positive.
  • It can erase your "Karmic Abundance Blocks" and create unbreakable WEALTH MINDSET.
  • It can manifest Love and Harmonic Relationships.
  • It can even manifest various Psychic Powers.
  • You will get the 30 minutes  MP3 recording with me Chanting + the 30 minutes "Subliminal Version". Just relax, listen and manifest!
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    #1. 7 Success Principles of High Achievers  (Ebook)  #2. Make Your Dreams Come True (Hypnosis MP3)  #3. The Benefits of Brainwave Entrainment (Ebook)

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This Is A Unique Opportunity To A Guided Meditation By Thomas Di Leva. Find Out More Below...

Do You Suffer From "Karmic Abundance Blocks"?

Let me explain what I mean...

Are you frustrated that your hopes and dreams never seem to manifest? And that you can’t find love, happiness, 
true abundance and prosperity in life? If so... then I know exactly how you feel! There's nothing worse than wasting your precious life energy, time and soul on things you don't want to do because of "Karmic Abundance Blocks" in your life.

Do You Feel Stuck?

out-of-reachThese "karmic abundance blocks" makes you feel stuck so you simply don’t know how to change your reality... Where to start... How to win in life.

Does it feel like you've failed to live the life of your dreams? And the seeds of doubt begin to grow in your mind as you question your reality. And whether the whole of existence is just a waste of time... a (never ending) prison of ”bad karma”.

Despite trying Positive Affirmations, Law of Attraction and even... Creative Visualisation to attract abundance, wealth and happiness... Nothing seems to work.

The BIG problem is...

Pocket watch and dollar bills on background.The ”mind solutions” of the "Law of Attraction school" takes a very long time and much hard practice for them to really work.

This is why I'm so excited to be able to share my new Sound Technology Method with You today. It's called...

- The Ultimate Abundance Mantra -

• 30 minutes brainwave mantra MP3 recording
•  + 30 minutes Subliminal Version


treeMy name is Thomas Di Leva, I’m a spiritual coach and meditation expert with more than 25 years of experience in the field of personal growth and spiritual awakening.

I’ve been coaching 1000s of people via TV, Radio and Live events for more than 20 years.

I’m also a highly acclaimed swedish singer/songwriter which have had numerous hit songs on the radio since the 1980s.

Do You Have "Wealth Mindset"?

Success concept.Seeing reality from "Wealth Mindset" is a golden key to attracting prosperity into your life. The Ultimate Abundance Mantra allows you to develop ”Wealth Mindset" naturally, so that you can manifest abundance and happily live the life of your dreams.

Now what makes this abundance and wealth attraction method different to any other law of attraction program out there, is that this isn't just a collection of theories or vague ideas.

It's A Simple But Powerful MIRACLE Formula

All you need to do is to put on a pair of headphones, relax and listen to The Ultimate Abundance Mantra Audio MP3
 and you WILL get results... Within 30 days or even less.


Young beautiful woman meditating in The Himalayas at sunriseThe Ultimate Abundance Mantra is a relaxing 30 minutes Brainwave Mantra MP3 Audio session. I have recorded a unique combination of the ancient and most powerful mantra for Abundance, Wealth and Love…


...With me chanting it repeatedly 108 times in hearing range and 1008 times subliminally, so that you can get the GREAT BENEFITS of this mantra as quick as possible.

528 HZ = The Miracle Frequency

Young beautiful woman meditating in The Himalayas at sunriseTo really make it as effective as possible, I’ve also mixed this supreme mantra together with ”cutting edge” Brainwave Entrainment in the frequency
 of 528 HZ, also known as the "Miracle Frequency”.

Binaural Beats & Isochronic Tones:

Also called Brainwave Entrainment are scientifically proven to automatically create deep meditational states. Scientific studies show this changes the levels of certain beneficial brain chemicals which have numerous health benefits.

Brainwave entrainment is also a powerful tool against stress, anxiety and depression.

INFRASOUND, Gates to Other Dimensions

Young beautiful woman meditating in The Himalayas at sunriseTo take things even higher I’ve also added INFRASOUND, which is low frequency sound vibrations below the level of human hearing range.

Infrasound is known among spiritual persons to open gates to other dimensions and supernatural events. And not only that...

"The Schumann Resonance"

*Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies - Our Planetary Vibration*

With my unique ZENMIND SOUND TECHNOLOGY I’ve also added brainwaves at 7.83 HZ, the ”Schumann Resonance”... Planet Earths Vibrational Frequency which is said to Regenerate our DNA.


All of this... is mixed inside a beautiful relaxing soundscape of river streams, indian crown chakra bells and universal atmospheres.

Here's what is said about the AMAZING POWERS of The Ultimate Abundance Mantra "OM KLEEM SHREEM BRZEE"...

  • It can manifest Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity.
  • It can enhance your AURA to attract anything which is positive.
  • It can erase your "Karmic Abundance Blocks" and create unbreakable WEALTH MINDSET.
  • It can manifest Love and Harmonic Relationships.
  • It can even manifest various Psychic Powers.

The initial response to The Ultimate Abundance Mantra has been overwhelming. With so many people already using it with astonishing results.

Here’s what people are saying about me and this Brainwave Mantra Audio MP3:

Swami Nirdosha

"This bona fide meditation from Thomas will give you the cosmic energy to achieve your desired objectives, goals, and aims."

Swami Nirdosha , Sanskrit Teacher & Meditation Expert
Eva Sjogren

"This mantra is so powerful I just can't stop listening to it. And lo and behold last week my boss raised my salary!"

Eva Sjogren, Secretary
Charlotte Kringstad

"Thanks Thomas, for putting this spiritual diamond out to the world. Using this mantra has attracted completely new possibilities into my life. It has showed me how to reach the natural state of ever increasing manifestation."

Charlotte Kringstad, Life Coach
Fredrik Eriksson

"When you get in contact with Thomas, you are immediately filled with positive energy and happiness. I strongly recommend you to join his programs and coachings."

Fredrik Eriksson, Company Director

Today When You Get Started You Will Get This:

The Ultimate Abundance Mantra (Brainwave MP3 Audio)

  • When you download your copy of The Ultimate Abundance Mantra you will get, the 30 minutes brainwave mantra MP3 recording with me Chanting.
  •  + You will also get the 30 minutes Subliminal Version, so that you can erase all ”Karmic Abundance Blocks” subconsciously. To make things even better  make sure that you...

Don't Miss My 3 Amazing Bonuses!

7 Success Principles of High Achievers  (Ebook)

Discover the 7 golden keys to achieving almost anything you want in life with this ”easy read” ebook.

Make Your Dreams Come True (Hypnosis MP3)

This audio hypnosis session will make you go deep inside where your dreams really can take root and be realised.

The Benefits of Brainwave Entrainment  (Ebook)

In this ebook you will discover the scientific facts and many benefits of meditating with Brainwave Entrainment, like you do when you meditate with "The Ultimate Abundance Mantra".

Are You Ready To Attract Abundance, Wealth & Love?

Beautiful teenage model girl in white dress enjoying natureAre you ready to get started? In that case I'm guessing you'll want to know what your investment is going to be. And that's a fair question given that in the past, the only way to get access to powerful secret information like this was to find
a yogic master
 in the Himalayas who would grant you this blessing.

However, the reason I created the online version of The Ultimate Abundance Mantra "OM KLEEM SHREEM BRZEE" with powerful visionary brainwave entrainment in the Miracle Frequency 528 HZ. Is to make this life changing meditation available to everyone who wants to break free from "Karmic Abundance Blocks” and confusion.

So that you truly can achieve a stress free, happy life in complete abundance, love and freedom.

Get Golden Access For A Fraction Of The Real Value

This means that in just a few minutes from now you could be using The Ultimate Abundance Mantra to effortlessly manifest all your dreams and desires...  and all for a ridiculously low price.

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100% Risk Free Guarantee

guaranteeYou'll be glad to know that The Ultimate Abundance Mantra comes with my personal 100% ”No Questions Asked”, 60-Days Money Back Guarantee.

If you don’t LOVE the program, for whatever reason, then I actually don’t want to keep your money.

All you have to do is shoot me a quick email and I’ll immediately refund every cent.

Don’t you think, it's is time for a change in your life?

??????????????????Don't you think, you've been struggling to manifest abundance and wealth and achieve your life goals for long enough? The missing link you've been searching for to finally turn your hopes and dreams into reality is just a few clicks away.

Imagine what it will feel like to enjoy a harmonious happy life in absolute abundance, love and freedom.

That's what I want for you, and I know it's what you want for yourself... So invest in your copy of The Ultimate Abundance Mantra now! Let's get you started today! 🙂

Yes I Want To Start Manifesting All My Dreams And Desires With The Ultimate Abundance Mantra Now!

For a Limited Time Only $37 ... $29.95 !!


To Your Success! 511428359 thomas-di-leva-autograph

Thomas Di Leva, Spiritual Coach and Creator of Mantra Heaven

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